How water leak detection engineers found a 682,440 gallon water leak on a college campus

Water leak detection - H2O Building Services


Having a water leak is an expensive occurrence, and when a estates manager at a large college campus saw his bills go up by £11,000 he called the water leak detection engineers at H2O Building Services,  as they are familiar with the site having found and repaired a previous single water leak which was calculated at 137 cubic meters per day.

Over the year cumulating to 50,000 cubic meters or a staggering 11 million gallons, adding £175,000 to the annual water and waste water bill for the college.


To put into context the water lost into the ground and wasted could have supplied nearly 400 families with water for one year!


Check out our PDF water leak detection survey Example College leakage report 02.06.2021 to see how the water leak detection engineer found the water leak.