Water leak detection team identify a 1.320 million gallon water leak and you wont believe the cause!

When H2O Building Services were requested to complete a water audit for a national car parts retail company as the water costs for the site appeared high, it was obvious there was a serious high water consumption issue.


The following day H2O dispatched a water leak detection team to ascertain the reason for the high water consumption.


Various standard water leak detection techniques were carried out and the leak was very quickly identified as a faulty water heater fitted under the kitchen sink.


The failure of a valve within the water heater was the issue allowing water to pass through straight to drain which resulted in a staggering water loss of 6,044 cubic metres or 1.320 million gallons,  which equates to an additional £20,000 to the water and waste water bill.

This will have a serious adverse effect on the finances of the business.


Graham Mann of H2O Building Services says


“The importance of a water bill validation service and a focused water management strategy cannot be under estimated.

In this instance the client has not engaged a water consultancy and we shall be forwarding a detailed water management proposal to prevent water leaks of this nature impacting on the business finances.

A £20,000 over budget water bill often focuses the mind”


View the leakage investigation survey case study here: – Example Lincoln leak detection report 27.02.2020


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