Water leak detection survey reveals 963,000 gallons of water wasted due to inefficient water controls – Water saving case study

A water company reported a suspected 1 million gallon water leak at a caravan park in Stratford Upon Avon recently, as a part of their increased activity and commitment to drive down water leaks and reduce water wastage.


The water leak in terms of cost was close on £12,000 a year which for a relatively small caravan park is considerable but what is much more interesting is the actual cause of the water losses.


A water leak detection team from H2O Building Services was dispatched and using both audio and visual techniques the water leaks were identified and the cause was faulty water saving devices fitted to control automatic flushing urinals and a small leak on a joint to an isolation valve.


A water leak detection survey report was generated Example Caravan Park leak detection report May 2019 showing the areas of water leak and the recommendations of action needed to reduce water consumption and loss.


Demonstrating a few small changes can make a huge difference in reducing water consumption and water bills.


A £900 investment to save £12,000 a year!


Severn Trent Water can take the credit for reporting the water leak to the customer for action.


Its incredible to think that the water lost in this case study would sustain 50 average families for 1 year in the UK


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