Detecting and repairing one water leak could cause other leaks on old water pipes.

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

Very often when a water leak is detected and repaired this causes the water pressure to increase and any weak joints or water fittings may start to leak under the increased water pressure, particularly on old water pipes, in these instances it is wise to consider replacing the whole section. Lead pipe, cast iron pipe and black plastic pipes are prone to leaks particularly if the water pipe has been in situ underground for many years.

This case study shows how valuable it is to out source water bill validation if you have numerous sites nationally, it certainly pays to have a firm of water audit experts who are focused on monitoring your water bills and driving down water costs.

In this case study water leak detection engineers attended site within a few days – note the water and waste water savings!!

For the water leak detection case study please click here ExampleleakdetectionandRepairReport08.05.15