Leisure park case study water leak detection – We found it a 1 million gallon a year water leak!

Water leak - H2O Building Services


A 1 million gallon water leak sounds a lot, which it is.


Put into context 1 million gallons or 5,000 cubic meters would supply 50 families with water for one year.


For a visual aspect of 1 million gallons 156 petrol tankers lined up end to end each one holds 32 cubic meters or 7,040 gallons. The cost to the business is around £12,000 a year.


See how our water leak detection experts found the leak in the report here Example Caravan Park leak detection report April 2019


You can prevent a water leak from having a huge impact on your business finances by installing a water flow data logger or AMR which is a technique we use to continuously monitor water usage at a property, also known in the industry as data logging.


It is a high value powerful tool which allows us to spot a leak quickly and investigate on site before it has the chance to have a huge impact on your next water bill.


Without a data logger fitted a water leak will run constantly racking up a substantial water bills.

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