A water leak adds £9,000 to a water bill.

A metered water leak will have a significant impact on the bottom line of any business.


In this particular case a plumbing and timber merchants who’s average water bill of £700 increased by £9,000!


The business will now have to sell a significant amount of stock to make up for the £9,000 loss.


The leak was due to an old cast iron water supply which is now corroded and requires total replacement.


The water leak survey report makes interesting reading  Leak detection report Poole Dorset example and also demonstrates the financial impact of underground water leaks.


Water meters are often located underground in chambers and most water companies read the meters on average every 9 to 12 months. Most water bills are estimated readings during this time and if an underground water leak occurs the customer is only alerted when a large water bill is sent by the water company.


The bill is questioned by the customer and then usually a month passes then the customer will seek to take remedial action and usually enlists the services of a water leak detection firm.


To avoid situations like this it is advisable to read the water meter every week and keep records of the consumption, as a general guide budget for 10 cubic metres per person.


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