We use state of the art equipment for successful water leak detection.

Once the signs of a leak are immediately visible, such as running or gushing water appearing from the ground or walls, damp patches or pools of water, then it is likely structural damage has already been caused. Our leak detection work enables you to find and address such leaks as early as possible before this kind of visible damage, waste and loss are experienced.


If you become aware of any of the telltale signs of a possible water leak, then it would be to your advantage to use our detection services as soon as possible. The signs can take a number of forms, but the most common warning indicators are a sharp and unexpected increase in the volume and cost of water you use, as well as damp areas appearing in either walls or in the ground. It may be as simple as an unexplained increase in your usual water bill.


The key advantage of our service is that we use non-intrusive approaches and equipment, without any requirement for digging up grounds or demolishing parts of your walls to find the leak. Through our use of ground microphones and leak noise correlation (LNC) techniques, we are able to use sound patterns alone to identify problems. In many cases, this technology allows us to detect a leak before damage is allowed to take hold, and gives a precise location of the leak itself. This means leak repairs can take place swiftly, with minimal disruption to your home or business premises.


These are just two of the many techniques and systems we regularly use for water leak detection. While we would always use the approach which would be most effective for your specific location, in our experience these two techniques provide the fastest and most reliable form of detection. Our team of qualified water leak detection experts would always work with you to keep you informed, so you will always be aware of the approach we are using for detection and the reasons why we have chosen it.


When it comes to water leaks, the longer they are left unattended then the more significant the damage will be. If you are aware of one or more of the signs of leaks, or if you have noticed an increase in your water bills, make sure to call our unobtrusive and efficient services in as soon as possible. This will enable you to address the problem sooner rather than later, potentially saving huge repair costs and extensive damage.