New Partnership Launched To Support Water Management

A new partnership between SEPA, the Scottish government and Scottish Water has been launched to help find new and effective ways to tackle water management, flood risk, flooding and growth that will impact infrastructure in the area.


The idea is to plan for future growth and potential changes in our climate that could have an impact on how wastewater and surface water is processed, WWT Online reports.


One area that the new collaboration will look into is how to transform how decision makers view drainage and wastewater systems, as well as how rainfall can be more effectively managed to provide growth capacity, improve water quality, manage flood risk and take climate change impacts into account.


Chief executive of Scottish Water Douglas Millican was quoted by the news source as saying: “We are developing our long-term strategies for the provision of water and wastewater services and want to continue to consult with our customers and stakeholders.


“We know there will be pressures from climate change, population growth and our ageing assets and we need to look at how to address these to ensure we continue to deliver services our customers expect. We hope this partnership will help us fully understand the long-term pressures in these areas and help develop options and solutions for the future in Edinburgh and the Lothians.”


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