H²O Building Services – April 2017, that is the date the English water market opens up to competition.

Author:  Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

Water audit expert

The attached report kindly written by GEMSERV, who are a specialist market design governance and assurance service provider that provide quality impartial advice to utility and environmental markets and the participants, delivering high quality end to end services from policy development and initial governance frameworks through to solution design, build and maintenance.

The report covers: –

Key issues – separation and compliance and wider issues facing water companies.

Summary and conclusions: –

Brief case studies on level playing field from other utilities markets: GB Gas, brief case studies on playing fields from other utilities markets: BG Electricity, brief case studies on level playing field from other utilities markets: Scottish Water.

Click here to download the report.  level-playing-field-in-the-water-market

For us here at H²O Building Services our highest priority for our existing and new customers is to ensure we work closely with them in a short, medium and long term water strategy in the lead up to April 2017 when the English water retail market opens up to competition, in order to ensure they are best placed to take full advantage of the changes within the water retail market.

There is a long road ahead, there are still many customers who have not taken full advantage of the Scottish water retail market. All of our existing clients with our water audit expert guidance and support are enjoying competitive pricing on their water and waste water bills.  With the water bill validation and bureau service ensuring they receive accurate billing, this is integral to the service and is a productive project to drive down water costs.  Identifying and repairing water leaks, fitting water savings devices, ensuring the customer is on the right tariff and identification of historical water company overcharges and the subsequent claims submitted for water bill rebates, some of which have gone back over 19 years!

The water database is maintained for annual budget purposes, maintenance of water savings in preparation for a national tender when the English water retail market opens up.

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