The key to optimising public sector water savings is to tap into a water audit services expert.

The key to optimising Public Sector water savings is to tap into a water audit services expert


Public sector water savings will not be optimised just by switching water supplier alone, a very small saving may be achieved by going out to tender for a lower price.


Despite industry rumour and speculation water self-supply is way down the order of priority as any savings will be swallowed up in ongoing consultancy fees and other fees such as licence applications and other regulatory on going fees.

A water self-supply licence for the public sector in England is really just buying a seat at a water industry table, there is very little margin to play with.


Public sector organisations in Scotland however would surely benefit dependant on water and waste water bill spend.

Employ the services of a water audit expert to run a simple set of numbers comparing water self-supply and the straight forward water retail option.

You may be pleasantly surprised by cutting out the Scottish water retail margin water procurement savings will be optimised.


The prime public sector organisations that would likely benefit from water self-supply in Scotland would be: –

Scottish Prison Services, Universities, Hospitals and some of the largest local authorities.

But do run the numbers through an independent water audit expert and not a water retail company, remember they are retailers not water wholesalers!


In order to optimise savings on water and waste water bills and to ensure all water company overcharges historically have been identified and refunds repaid in full a water audit services expert with several year’s water industry experience is absolutely key to ensuring the very best results are achieved in the most cost effective way.


  • Water strategy
  • Water audit
  • Water procurement


In that order!


Jumping straight to water procurement with promises of “added value services” is very likely to cost you thousands in losses in terms of savings and refunds due to historical overcharging.

Let’s face it the water companies have been given decades to get the charges right so why pay them to charge you correctly? Surely they have a statutory responsibility to charge you correctly in the first place?


Not so according to many water companies, it is for you the customer to ensure the water bills are correct before paying them, you knew that already right?


Before considering switching water supplier you should appoint your water audit services expert being careful on the due diligence.

By checking out the water consultant’s website, how long they have been in business, the longer the better no substitute for experience!

Check out the client references usually published on the website, does the firm publish news, views and advise via their own news blog or professional networks such as LinkedIn?

All in all thorough research will ensure you work with the best water audit expert.

Lastly, try and keep away from share of savings going forwards, you will end up paying more to achieve your savings, a share of refunds is fine as it is a one off payment.


Water bill validation, Bureau service – water and waste water cost reduction project specification.


Centralise the water billing data, gather all your water bills so they are all coming into one place, compile a water and waste water database inputting the key data.


Complete a water audit and identify any historical water company overcharging, claim back overcharges reducing costs going forwards.


Water management – Benchmark all sites, complete site surveys where needed, drive down water consumption by implementing cost savings resulting from site survey recommendations.


Going forwards, carry on water bill validation and bureau service.


Future water strategy


Consider all options of water and waste water supply services – retail – wholesale – self-supply – alternative water supplier – on going water flow monitoring.


Water saving could on average by 30% at least. This will be derived from water leak detection and repairs – internal water losses due to faulty or inefficient water fittings – incorrect tariffs – incorrect charges – smart water supply procurement – to include alternative water suppliers form natural underground water sources.


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