What is water self supply ? Could it work for your business or organisation ? Join us on the Podcast with Graham Mann on LinkedIn Live Monday 13th July 2020 @ 10.30am

Podcast with Graham Mann - Water self supply


Podcast with Graham Mann will be discussing the water retail market and covering a scheme called water self supply which is mainly for large water spends. A scheme whereby accessing the water self supply scheme which effectively cuts out the water retail margin.


The water market was deregulated April 2017 allowing businesses and organisations to switch water supplier in order to reduce their water and waste water bills and get a better value deal.


Switching water supplier and receiving one bill for multiple site customers as opposed to receiving bills from lots of different water suppliers can sometimes be a key driver to switching, which is often an internal processing cost saving in itself.


Switching suppliers is not as simple as it first appears, especially for mid market and above customers.

The main route to market since deregulation appears to be through brokers or third party intermediaries (TPI’s).


There has been no tangible water innovation in this sector other than automated quoting sites which favor micro and small sector customers, with Everflows quick quoting system which works well for the smaller end of the market.


In the mid and upper ranges the most significant development has been the recent launch of an independent water and waste water procurement platform which is a free at point of use platform where TPI’s, Energy Brokers and customers may upload single or multiple sites and tender their water retail contracts on a live tender platform, inviting the entire water retail market players to pitch for the contract. is not just a price comparison site, there are many different high value customer features such as billing data correction, ensuring customers are paying the correct charges as many none residential customers are being overcharged for various reasons and those customers that switch supplier the traditional way are often not charged correctly.


Customers whether brokers, TPI’s or direct customers are able to receive guidance and technical expertise on any water, waste water or trade effluent issue and are fully serviced for the duration of the contract.

Many also receive expert advice on water and waste water efficiency, either direct from the winning water retailer or consultants employed by


For some high spend businesses, public sector and charities there is an option to apply for a water self supply licence, providing the customer meets the specific criteria as stipulated in the water industry regulations.

The customer who is granted a self supply licence may deal directly with the water wholesaler receiving water supply and waste water services from the supplier in their area.


Whilst the customer will no longer receive water retail services such as billing or meter readings customers will be able to : –


Supply water services to their own sites across multiple locations.

Provide retail services to themselves or contract the management of the water self supply to a third party water consultancy.


Whilst there may be benefits water self supply is not for everyone as very little is know about the scheme so this latest edition of Podcast with Graham Mann broadcast on the Linkedin Live platform will be discussing the self supply scheme with special guest Gina Clark, Senior Energy Project Officer and Water Self Supply Manager at Nottingham City Council who now have a self supply licence and took the bold move to manage the project “in house”


We will be discussing why the council chose self supply and the experiences and challenges since obtaining a licence.


The podcast also welcomes again Nick Butt, Water Consultant and Director at Aquause Ltd, an independent water consultancy who will be lending his expertise to the programme discussions.


Now is the time prior to the broadcast to submit any questions you may have above the water self supply scheme by emailing or calling 07831 390637 .

As usual you may of course submit comments or questions during the broadcast on either the water retail market or the water self supply scheme 

See you there!