What Happens When I Switch Business Water Supplier?

Changing your business water supplier doesn’t need to be complicated or intimidating, especially if you receive assistance from a trusted and knowledgeable third party. Often there is only a small administration fee or no fee at all to make the switch.


H2O Building Services has been helping businesses reduce their water costs for over 30 years and can walk you through the entire process. Our consultation services will help save you money before, during and after you make the switch.


Water Bill Validation

Before switching suppliers, it’s important to get an understanding of your past and current billing. Identifying any billing errors or areas where you have been overcharged in this area is essential since making claims against a past supplier is difficult or impossible once you’ve made the switch. The refunds and rebates gained from this process can be significant and will help with funding later water cost reductions as well.


Quotes and Supplier Evaluation

Once your past bills have been evaluated, and any money owed to you from your water company has been collected, it’s time to take a look at the competition. By reaching out to other water suppliers for quotes, you can compare your current water rates and make an informed decision as to which provider would offer the best savings.


On-Site Water Audit

Areas of potential future savings can be identified through a more comprehensive water audit. This will often involve an on-site inspection to get a thorough understanding of the role that water plays in your business. Water leaks can be quickly identified and repaired to avoid unnecessary water loss. Areas of improvement where water efficiency could be increased will also be addressed and presented to your business in a comprehensive report.


Ongoing Water Monitoring and Management

You can elect to have a third party such as H2O receive your water bills on your behalf. The benefit of this is ongoing bill validation, to ensure that your water bills remain error-free. In the case of any discrepancies, your water experts will work directly with your water supplier to resolve the issue before you ever receive the bill.


With the use of smart metering, data loggers can provide constant monitoring of your business water usage and inform you of any sudden increases in water consumption. In addition to quickly identifying and notifying you of leaks, data logging can also provide a detailed analysis of your water usage that can be used to drive down water consumption and costs.


Switching Your Water Supplier Is Just One Piece of the Puzzle

While switching your business water supplier can be one important step in reducing your overall water costs, it’s only one area of potential savings. By working with an experienced water consultant, you can further reduce your water costs before, during, and after you switch your supplier. Investing in an overall water cost reduction plan for your business is something that will quickly pay for itself and provide water savings for years to come.


Join the list of numerous companies such as McDonald’s, Jewson, ASDA, Wolseley and many more that H2O Building Services has helped reduce their water costs by millions of combined pounds per year, contact us at contact us or  call on 01924 387 873.