A water leak increases a businesses water bill by £19,000 per year, the cause may surprise you!


A water leak on your metered water pipe underground between the meter and at the point the water supply enters the building can result in a substantial increase in business water bills.


Often the water leak on a business premises does not become apparent until the finance department query increases in the water bills.


Many leaks go undetected for many months as the frequency of meter readings by water suppliers is othen one actual reading per year, the rest of the year water bills are based on estimated reads.


Very often and understandably, if bills are estimated this will go undetected, particularly if the charges are similar to the previous bills.


However, any water losses due to a water leak will not become apparent until an actual water meter reading is taken, often resulting in a substantial water and wastewater bill.


In this instance a water audit revealed the water bills increasing and took action, this is when companies such as water consultants H2O Building Services are called in to carry out water leak detection in order to identify the reason for the high water consumption and report back with recommendations to plug the water leaks.


In this particular case a leakage investigation report was recently undertaken Example Leak detection – internal leaking issue 08.12.2022  The issue was attributed to a faulty ball valve in the W.C Cistern causing the water to flow constantly into the w.c pan to drain. 17.28 cubic metres or 3,740 gallons per day over the year = 6,303 cubic metres or 1,387,540 gallons!


The financial impact to the business was £19,000 + annually which is significant in consideration that the annual water bill is usually less than £1,000 per year.


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