L’Oreal Takes Steps To Protect Water Resources

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Beauty brand L’Oreal has announced that it has invested in an environmental tech startup to help optimise shampoo rinse technologies and conserve water resources, with the two companies working together since 2015 to help drive the concept of sustainable beauty technology.


In 2018, for example, they collaborated to develop a showerhead that can rinse shampoo using just 1.5 litres of water instead of the eight litres that would typically be used, Smart Water Magazine reports.


Barbara Lavernos, chief research innovation and technology officer for the L’Oreal Group, was quoted by the news source as saying: “At L’Oreal, we aim to offer the best sustainable beauty science and to be the champion of beauty tech.


“By combining Gjosa’s unique water-tech innovations with L’Oreal’s knowledge of beauty rituals, data, tech, and personalisation, we will invent together new augmented beauty experiences for our consumers while protecting the coveted and precious resource that is water.”


At influential tech event CES, which was held in January, the brands also presented the L’Oreal Water Saver, a sustainable hair care system for both salons and at-home beauty routines, representing a new way to wash and care for your hair, saving water and improving on luxury and efficiency via advanced technology.


The new system is capable of reducing water usage by up to 80 per cent, combining high-powered water-optimising technology with specifically designed products that flow directly into the water stream.


Gjosa’s core water-optimising technology applies the principle of fractioning, which is used in rocket engines to water flows, with water droplets colliding according to a defined direction and uniform distribution.


This technology means that water droplets are reduced in size, with their speed accelerated, so that every drop of water is used to wash and rinse hair, as well as making sure that products are easier to rinse out.


Salon owners can also take advantage of a data dashboard and impact reporting, with water and cost-saving data tracked to provide them with a history of treatments, as well as tracking the reduction of water, energy and financial costs.


There are other steps that businesses can take to help reduce their water usage and consumption, if this is something that you’re interested in doing in the future.


Understanding why water efficiency is important is key – and it’s essential for us all to appreciate just how much pressure the world’s freshwater resources are now under, thanks to climate change, extreme weather events, water mismanagement, population growth, urbanisation and globalisation.


We all need to take action now to help reduce this pressure and safeguard these precious resources for future generations. If you’d like to find out how you can help make your business more sustainable where water is concerned, get in touch with the team here at H2o Building Services today