Water audit experts H20 Building Services receive a huge reaction to the recent post regarding Farmers water bills

Earlier this week water audit experts H20 Building Services posted an item on the news section of their website.

Water audits reveal many farmers have been overcharged on their water bills 


As news broke that farmers should scrutinise their water bills as recent water audits revel water retail companies had failed to charge farmers correctly to include for specific discounts on their bills.


Farmers have read the article and responded, here are just a few comments received today via our dedicated link


“Farmers are in a mess since Castle Water took over from Thames Water, initially they tried charging for sewerage on field troughs, then their whole billing system seems to be entirely random”


“Surely I am not the only farmer to contact you about the chaos caused by the latest privatized water supply policy”


“Despite my best efforts I have made no progress. Farmers like me have wasted hours and hours on this in the last year with absolutely no sign of success”


“I am at a loss to know what to do”


“Since Castle Water took over business from Thames Water last year rather than continuing the quarterly consolidated accounts operated by Thames Water, Castle Water have been sending out random invoices for random meters for random periods”


The message to the farmers and indeed other businesses is if you have issues with your water supplier we can help and have decades of experience.


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