Just the process of switching water supplier uncovers historical water bill overcharges

Switching water supplier - H2O Building Services


Switching water supplier has many benefits for none residential customers, for example: –


Reducing water and wastewater costs from default charges to negotiated contract rates, savings on average 10 percent to 26 percent dependent on site locations and other factors.


Multi site customers receive one consolidated bill for all sites including those in Scotland, rather than a bill either monthly, quarterly or biannually for each site this reduces internal water bill processing costs and bank fees.


Auditing of the water wholesale charges during the switching process, which often highlights historical billing overcharges resulting in refunds and reduced charges going forwards.


Water retail companies buy water and wastewater services from the wholesale market at predetermined regulated rates. In order that the water retail companies can levy charges to customers their systems access the wholesale market data and charge in accordance with the data, plus their management / retail fees.

So if the wholesale market data is incorrect then the water retailers will be unaware that the data is incorrect and therefore some customers bills will unfortunately not be correct.

Water retailers are therefore left in an impossible situation of being blamed for the overcharges, though in some cases their billing systems do not always get it right!


On the subject of customers paying more than they should be, Water Consultants H2O Building Services recently posted a video highlighting substantial refunds and savings identified titled “Water audits reveal historical substantial water bill overcharges” concerning none domestic water customers.





During the video interview Graham Mann, Senior Partner of water consultancy company H2O Building Services discusses a selection of case studies and produces cheques for £132,000 – £242,000 and more relating to refunds due to historical overcharges over periods of between 6 and 13 years!

During the interview he says “Businesses and public sector customers are paying £millions more than they should be, this is due to water and wastewater billing overcharges and this is big money”

He goes on to say” 1,000’s of customers like you are completely unaware of the overcharges until they commission a water audit


Another prime example of the benefits of switching water supplier is a recent news item published by water consultants H2O Building Services entitled ” Residential Care Home Business engages water consultants to reduce their water bills, the results are a very welcome surprise

In the Water Industry News item the customer made savings of £85,000 over the switching contract period and secured a refund of £35,000 due to historical billing errors with this previous water retailer.

All this from simply switching water supplier!


The easiest water for any business or organisation to compare business water prices and switching water supplier is to source an independent business water switching platform that is governed by OFWAT (the water regulator for England) and that has adopted The Water Regulators Voluntary Codes of Conduct, so customers are assured of receiving a first class service was developed and is managed by recognised water industry experts. The company is lazer focused on customer service and the team have decades of water industry expertise that customers can tap into!

Reducing the costs is great for business and our environment and reducing water consumption reduces carbon too!


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