Even small water leaks will contribute to a high water bill so take water meter readings!

Small water leaks if left unchecked grow into large water leaks.


Take for instance a small unnoticed water leak that is happening right now, it will over time become a large water leak and go unnoticed – How is this?


On a large Leisure Park with pool facilities, static mobile homes and water features these sites will be on shut down until March and any leaks will increase over time and 4 months down the line the park begins to get busy again and any leaks up until that point will begin to get masked by the fact water bills are increasing due to the park opening up to the Spring and Summer season.


There is a 12 weeks window of opportunity to pull together the water bills and focus on cost reduction measures, taking full advantage of the shutdown window by commissioning water audit experts to reduce water leakage and identifying water savings opportunities.


This time of the year is the busiest period for water leakage surveys on Leisure Parks.


Lyons Holiday Park have done just that as recommended by the water audit team, water meter readings were taken and the readings passed to our water audit bureau, a report was generated recommending water leak detection across the site.


Click the link for the leak detection site survey report LyonsPendyffrynLeakDetectionReport2


Work with us and “Value water more”