High quality water leak detection and reporting, accept nothing less to maximise your water savings

Water leak detection is a highly skilled job, it takes years of experience to identify and trace water leaks across large and small sites.


Water leak detection in the leisure industry is particularly challenging on sites such as Leisure and Holiday Parks which have internally  thousands of underground water fittings and series of different pipe sizes and materials.

Often black alcathene, leak pipe, iron and rigid grey PVC pipe have been laid underground for decades and are generally in poor condition. Water leakage rates are normally 20 – 40 percent of the total sites water consumption.

These sites are particularly vulnerable to substantial water losses and very often go unnoticed for years until the water and waste water costs are challenged.

With water consumption and costs under the spotlight this presents an exciting opportunity for both the leisure company operator and the firm appointed to partner with them on a water leak detection project.


There is nothing more satisfying than for a water leak detection industry engineering professional supported by a team of water industry experts than to identify and report significant water leaks. As some of the water volumes lost through water leaks can be quite staggering.

Even on small trading sites with a 22mm water supply losing 10 cubic metres per day equates to 3,650 cubic metres a year or 803,000 gallons.

A visual effect of this amount of water leakage is 114 fuel tankers each containing 32 cubic metres of water parked up end to end!


For a typical high quality water leak detection report pdf HalesowenLeakDetectionSiteSurveyReport website copy produced by water industry experts H20 Building Services, this a leading example of what you should expect.


The larger the site the larger the potential for water leaks , see how much water you can save and shine the spotlight on those water bills!