Water Self Supply Could Save Public Sector Organisations Millions

With deregulation of the business water market in the UK arriving in 2017, public sector organisations and businesses alike can now switch water suppliers if desired. What is less commonly known, however, is the that these bodies also have the option to to change to water self supply at wholesale prices. Especially for larger organisations, this can quickly contribute to millions of pounds in savings.


What is water self supply?

Water self supply means the end of dealing with water retailers. Your current water supplier adds a hefty margin onto the wholesale price of water in order to make a profit. By becoming a self supplier, you skip the middleman and slash the price you pay.


Which public sector organisations stand to benefit?

Any company, public or private, can take advantage of water self supply. However, larger public organisations may stand to gain the most, sheerly by virtue of the amount of water they consume on an annual basis. These include:


  • Hospitals
  • Councils
  • Prison services
  • Ministry of Defence


While these organisations could make massive savings through water self supply, the process to get everything in place can be difficult and is best handled by consulting a water industry professional. A specialist water consultant can help navigate the process of creating a water management strategy, applying for necessary licences, and any administrative or management support.


How does my organisation become a water self supplier?

To take advantage of wholesale water rates, you will need to apply for a water self supply licence. The current cost is for a licence is approximately £5,000.


Before applying for your licence, however, it is highly recommended to work with your water consultancy expert to undertake a feasibility study. This will compare your current water charges with what you can expect to pay under the self supply model. It will give an estimate of how much you can expect to save per year, along with other facts and figures to consider before applying.


How will my water supply service change?

After your organisation holds a self supply licence, you will continue to receive water and waste water from the water supplier in your geographic region. The main difference is that you will no longer receive any billing or customer service from your local water supplier.


You will however receive both water and waste water removal services at wholesale prices from your local water company. You also gain the ability to supply water services to multiple sites within your organisation, or even provide water retail services to a third party.


Are you ready to get started?

If your public sector organisation is ready to consider a water self supply licence and all the cost savings and other benefits that it provides, H2O Building Services can help. H2O has over 30 years’ experience helping all types of organisations cut down on their water costs, and is the trusted partner you need to evaluate your options when it comes to water.


Some of our past public sector clients include:


Lewisham Borough Council – £15,000 per year in savings

H&F Council – £500,00 in savings

Leeds Metropolitan University – £70,000 in savings

HM Prison Service – £57,000 in savings


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